Webster Technique

webster technique

As chiropractors, we correct vertebral subluxations, which may reduce interference to the nerve and muscle. Dr. Lesichia Jarrell is certified in this technique.

In pregnant women, sacral subluxations are common, so using Webster's technique to address the sacral subluxation can improve the nerve and muscle function in the pelvis. Correction of the sacral subluxation through the Webster technique reduces the tension of the muscle involves, which may, in return, improve the environment of the uterus. A less stressed uterus (less muscle tension) increases the space for the baby to move around and may do what it is innately capable of doing, positioning itself for the birthing process.

The Webster technique is a safe, gentle, and specific technique. The technique's goal is to adjust the sacral subluxation to improve function and mobility in the pelvis, which allows the body to innately do the rest in reducing stress in the nervous system.